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Our Pricing

The costs listed below are based on the most frequent 3D rendering requests we get. But because each project has a unique complexity, scope, or set of references, it’s not always possible to create a pricing system that works for everyone. The ultimate cost is established based on the specifics of each project and won’t be disclosed until we’ve had a chance to gather all the data and information required to accurately evaluate the job.

New 3D Scene Creation

  • The first step for new customers of bottle mock-ups.
  • Making a precise 3D model of your initial product
  • Brand-specific visual setup, including post-production workflow and special studio lighting.

€ 159

New Product Creation

  • Available following the creation of your first scene.
  • Make a brand-new product model from the ground up to render in your scenario.
  • Can include adjusting the lighting if necessary (often required for transparent materials like glass etc.)

€ 59

Label Update

  • Create additional artwork using one of your already approved product scenes for rendering and post-production.
  • Style and appearance will be similar to prior scenes.

€ 39

Extra Spin Views
3D Renderings of an Existing Design that Only Requires Rotation of the Package

€ 29

Lifestyle Renderings

€ 190

+ €10 Large format rendering up to 5,000 x 5,000 pixels (price per image)
+ €25 Large format rendering up to 10,000 x 10,000 pixels (price per image)

Covers ultra-high resolution rendering for things like large format printing. This can be time intensive, so be sure to tell us about tight deadlines in advance.

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